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New Artwork

K. Mena, Acrylic 11x14


Sanjaya Returns

Does anybody remember Sanjaya from American Idol ?  He was a cute young man with a proclivity for wierd hairdo’s and the inability to carry a tune.  He grated on the judges’ nerves.  He grated on the viewers’ nerves.  And yet strangely, inexplicably he survived week after week of eliminations.  The subject of conversations at work, on the day following eliminations, was why Sanjaya didn’t get voted off.  There were jokes on radio and late night talk shows about Sanjaya. 

It seems that Kate Gosselin is going to be the “Sanjaya” of Dancing with the Stars.  She has survived two eliminations.  Everyone is moaning and groaning about how horrible she is.   There is an internet campaign going around that calls to “Free Tony” (Dovoloni).  They have t-shirts and everything.  I think that is kind of harsh, but I am even seeing it on reviews by Entertainment Weekly and other sites that review television shows.  And the message boards-forget it! 

Yet somebody is voting for her.  Apparently Kate Gosselin has fans.  They are willing to overlook her dancing abilities, or lack thereof. I understand she has had a difficult year.  Being the mother of eight, and going through a very public divorce can’t be easy.  Now it seems her ex has decided to capitalize on her decision to do DWTS.  It seems after she did not get eliminated on Tuesday night, he filed a petition requesting full custody of the kids, and spousal support.  What a creep.  I almost feel sorry for her.  Not enough to pick up that phone.  Anyway, this new development almost guarantees that Kate is going to be around for a while.


Everything’s Better with Butter

This is Mateo.  He is a 10-year-old greyhound, a retired racer.  He came into our lives about 6 years ago through a greyhound rescue league.  He’s a big fellow (about 75 lbs.).   He is a gentle, loving couch potato .  He makes my house smell like we are stabling a horse, but I keep a steady supply of  Febreeze.   When he is not sleeping, he is surprising us with his antics.  Today, when I went out, he decided to have a little snack………..what better than a cube of butter?   I was surprised because he is very good about kitchen counters and such.  He seems to be feeling fine, but I won’t be forgetting to refrigerate the butter any time soon.


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