Twice the Scores, Half the Entertainment

Something was in the water at Dancing with the Stars and it must have been a tranquilizer.  Last night’s show was a snoozer.  The only dancer who didn’t appear to be in a comma was Evan, and even he is getting boring.  I told you I like to root for the underdog, and the other dancers are not even giving him a run for his money.  (I still love you, Evan!)  The double score, one for technical and one for performance, seems to be a bad idea.  It was clear that everyone was off their game, and quite frankly nobody seemed to be having any fun.  I thought Nicole was going to cry.  I thought Pamela Anderson was going to curl up with a pillow and blanket.  Gregarious Erin seemed tentative.  Bubbly Niecy Nash took on the appearance of a Stepford Wife.  Chad and Aiden were the equivalent of Stepford Husbands.  How can two vibrant attractive young men present such an unappealing picture?  And what is with the ring Chad gave Cheryl Burke?  I didn’t even get that.  Jake seemed like he was on a hot streak with his Tango, until her stumbled over his own feet.  I will give him credit for a very tricky series of movements down the stairs, and for at least appearing like he was alive.  Kate also gets credit for a vast improvement.  The Tango suits her, and she seemed very proud of her efforts.  Her costume, hair, and makeup this week were much less distracting.  Did anyone else find last night lacking, or am I just turning into a grouch?


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