What’s the Story?

I”ve been busy with spring cleaning, but there a few things that have been rattling around inside my head.  In the spirit of spring cleaning, I need to pull  them out and organize them on the page.  Look out for flying dust, everyone!

Dancing with the Stars  Monday night was quite an extravaganza.  Wow!  I think Story Night was  a success.  My favorite is still my favorite:  Evan Lysacek and Anna Trebunskaya.  DWTS fans all know who Anna is, so the last name is not really necessary, but I love to say ” TRE-BUN-SKY-YA !” as I’m typing it.  Okay, it won’t happen again.  Anyway, it’s nice to see Anna get a partner who can dance.  She hasn’t been a real regular on the show, and when she has been there she’s been paired with a partner who is a less than perfect candidate for ballroom dance.  We all remember the ultimate cage fighter guy with lightning bolts tattooed to his bald head.  I hope the tattoos on his skull were not a figment of my imagination, but I’ll leave that part in because it does paint a picture.  They didn’t win.  Monday night Evan did a beautiful job with the Quickstep.  It was fun and light and, well …quick.  The judges don’t like his feet, but give the guy a break, he has huge feet and two broken toes. 

The other dance I loved was Maks and Erin’s Waltz.  It was a pretty simple concept.  He blindfolded her.  He led her through the waltz.  All the kinky references aside, I thought it was a touching illustration of the trust required in an intimate relationship.  It was my second favorite routine.  I thought Nicole and Derek were pure entertainment.  Jake and Chelsie had some really cool props.  Chad and Cheryl had amazing costumes.  Buzz was dignified.  Aiden didn’t throw up.  Niecy and Louis didn’t cop-out.

Now on to Pamela Anderson and Kate Gosselin, their wardrobe specifically.  I want a long white lacy flamenco dress and I want to look like Pamela Anderson in it.  I don’t want a red get up like Kate’s.  Who did she tick off?  Do the professionals choose the star’s attire, or is that strictly left up to wardrobe?  We had a long red sparkly dress with bold black trim across the top.  It was something like a Christmas nutcracker soldier in drag.  Throw in log black gloves, rhinestone bracelets, crazy-weave hair, insane eye-makeup, and an ill-placed flower.  It was frightening.  And I don’t think Kate is an ugly girl.  I just wanted to take a brush to her head, and pull that hair out of her face.  There was just so much going on visually that it made me dizzy.  I had to go pour a 7-up and pop a Dramamine. 

I have to talk about results night, and more about Kate Gosselin, but for now the dust-bunnies are calling me.


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