More Sparkle, Less Drama

 Elegant costumes, lovely people, music and dancing.  What more could you ask?  It seems the producers of Dancing with the Stars think the answer is more drama.  Last night between the Jive and Foxtrot we saw clips of the stars rehearsing with their pro’s.  The theme of most of those clips was conflict.  We saw Shannen Doherty giving Mark Ballas the evil eye during rehearsal because  he wouldn’t “dumb down” the choreography.   We saw Erin and Maks lose patience with each other, culminating in comments about his lack of bicep muscles.  It seemed playful enough,  but Len took the opportunity to scold the stars about trusting and respecting the professionals.  Then there’s Aiden threatening to go home if Edyta didn’t play nice.  He may have made her cry in rehearsal, but she got even during their performance.  She poked him in the eye, not once, but twice.  ( And I have to say, there is something about this guy that makes me want to poke him in the eye.)  Then the grand finale of conflict themed clips with Kate Gosselin vs. Tony Dovolani.  This one ended with Tony storming out saying that he quit.

One of the reasons I love this show is the fact that it sparkles.  For two hours each week the world is shined up and presented to us on a silver platter.  I did experience the glamour last night, but it was sandwiched between all the clips of people not getting along.  Placing two people in a high pressure situation in front of millions of viewers is going to create conflict.  In the past this show has focused more on the glitz, but now DWTS seems to be dipping their toe into the ocean of reality TV shows that capitalize on people’s bad behavior.  If I want to see that, and I must admit that sometimes I do, I watch Real Housewives of New York City.  There the conflict is the attraction.  But they need it, because no one is doing the waltz.  My mother always said there is a time and a place.  Make it sparkle, ABC!

Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, I will say that Evan and Anna are still my favorite couple even though they were out danced by Nicole and Derek.  I am, however, sending a registered letter to Anna Trebunskaya begging her not to give him Liberace hair next week.  I think the difference between Evan and Nicole might just be Derek’s choreography.  I also must say that for whatever reason, I have a history for rooting for number two on this show.  They are good enough to admire and I still get the satisfaction of believing in the underdog.  I also have to say that Pamela Anderson reigned herself in a bit and did a Marilyn Monroe inspired Fox-trot.   The men in my family were disappointed.  They liked her better last week.  God bless them.

Now, I predict the first one to go home will be Kate Gosselin.  Buzz Aldrin and Chad Ochocinco’s performances weren’t much better, but here’s the thing:  America won’t send home a hero on round one.  They always get another chance, heroes that is.  Buzz Aldrin, being a walk on the moon type of hero, and Chad Ochocinco, being an athlete type of hero wins them a little mercy from the voting public.  Kate, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to have a lot of appeal.  She looked scary mad after the judges gave her scores.  And we’ve already talked about the clip of the rehearsal fiasco.  She doesn’t come across as very likeable, and if you combine that with her dancing, we won’t be seeing her after tonight.  But, you never know, so I’m tuning for the results show.


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