The Heavens Have Parted

Happy days are here again, fellow fibromyalgia suffers.  I told you about a book I was reading called From Fatigued to Fantastic by Jacob Teitelbaum.  The book is geared towards patients with fibromyalgia  or chronic fatigue syndrome.  One of the things he addresses (no surprise here) is fatigue.  This has been the most difficult aspect of the disease for me to deal with.  The pain I can handle, the fatigue, not so much.

Anyway, this guy is an M.D. but incorporates a lot of holistic treatments.  Which is fine with me, because who wants to be on more medication.  He recommends a nutritional supplement called D-Ribose.  He also recommends about a million vitamin/mineral supplements, along with a host of supplements that contain amino acids.  He has developed a drink that contains all of these (minus the ribose).  Lest we think he is trying to profit from our desperation to feel better, he says he donates all his profits from the sale of supplements to charity.  I don’t really care.  I just want to be able to peel myself off the couch once in a while.

I started with the D-Ribose and felt a drastic reduction in both pain and fatigue about four days in.  I later added the vitamin drink.  It comes in orange and raspberry.  You mix it with 8 oz. of  liquid and drink it in the morning.  I  mix the orange flavor with about 7 oz. of orange juice, one oz. of water and a scoop of the ribose.  I blend it in a blender till everything is mixed, then I add a few cubes of ice, whirl everything around again, and I’m ready to go.  And I’m not kidding, after drinking this stuff I am ready to go.  I ran out of the vitamin drink and it took me a few days to go replace it.  What an unbelievable difference.  Same with the ribose.  I have missed that too when I was out for a few days.  These items are hard to find.  I found the ribose at one out of about 3 health food stores I tried.  I stumbled on the vitamin drink at Sun Harvest.  If you can’t find them you can purchase on the doctor’s website (of course, right?) .  The website is www.endfatigue.com.  And no, I do not work for this guy.

I hope that if you try this stuff it helps you as much as it has helped me.  Now maybe I can start my spring cleaning.  Seriously.  I am going to do it.


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